Sunday, December 28, 2014

Creech Christmas

It has been a really long time since I have woken up on Christmas morning at our childhood home. And a lot has changed since then! It was really great to get to be there with my family and especially with Georgia on her first Christmas. 

We really tried to cut down on gifts this year and we made sure Santa understood our wishes. Seeing what Santa brings some kids makes me realize I need to get ready to have that conversation in the near future so when James asks, "Why did Santa bring them ten presents?" I have an answer ready!

I have tried so hard to not buy the little Legos yet but this is what James REALLY wanted. Hello to little pieces being all over our house for the next ten years. 
He is worth it though!
Did anyone else have this record player as a kid? I love classic toys
Harrison provided lots of comical relief on Christmas. The first thing he did when he came down was see Santa's plate with a half eaten cookie and carrot and he said, "Mmmmmm!", ran over and ate both the cookie and the carrot.  During present time he kept wandering around with a bowl of Cheerios that he spilled several times. At one point he had a cheerio stuck to his foot so he stopped, pulled it off, and ate it. The kid is crazy about food!

Check out this cutie pie
Harrison LOVES Georgia, a little too much sometimes. 
James adores her too!

It's hard to open presents under that hat!

We made it through the whole season with no broken ornaments

This is what Ryan gives my dad every year, lol. 

James was so proud to give his Uncle and Tia the ornament he made

After presents my dad and David cooked the one meal that they cook each year: Christmas breakfast. Country ham, grits, toast, pancakes, eggs. They even made chocolate chip pancakes this year per one little boy's request.

After breakfast (which was really more like lunch) the boys took naps. When James got up he wanted to decorate the birthday cake for Jesus which is our traditional dessert on Christmas night.

Pound cake is better with icing and M&M's, right? 

I have to say it was delicious
He and I also got to spend some time building with his new tinker toys. Another oldie favorite! This kid loves to build.
Ryan took the boys over to see his family for a visit while we worked on getting dinner ready. Reading this post makes it sound like all we did on Christmas was eat. Before they left we attempted a few pictures.

I cracked up when we took Georgia out of the bumpo and Harrison swished his big ole self in there. There was no way he could get out on his own. We joked that we should have put him in it for the pictures!

While they were gone and Georgia was asleep Greer and I also grabbed a moment of peace and tranquility! 
We manage to time it to where Harrison and Georgia both were in bed before we sat down for our Christmas steak dinner. I have to say it made things much more relaxing. The next morning we woke up and got ready to head over to the Holland's for Christmas part 3. Of course I had to try for just one more picture of the three kids. Is it too much to ask to get just one really great one? 

James is so incredibly sweet with Georgia 
I love these kids!!!