Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick or Treat!

We had a fun time trick or treating in our new neighborhood and getting to meet some more of our neighbors. I will say that Halloween in NC just can't quite compete with Halloween in LA but it was nice to have a low key experience.  My parents decided to come see the kids and go trick or treating with us. We ended up just doing our street and then we put the kids to bed, got a babysitter, and all the adults went out for a late dinner which was great! 

This was a costume from when I was little. H LOVED wearing it!
Does the kid ever wear shoes???
Nana and Pop stopped by on the way to the beach!
Pop had his hands full  
Our firefighter and golfer 

Always got to do the family selfie

Shortly after this he threw the pumpkins down the stairs. 

James was really not into having his picture taken 
I bought these pumpkin flashlights from Target. They only lasted about 5 minutes before breaking. 
Nene dressed up as a cowgirl

Snack time before we headed out

James was super excited 
Harrison was a little confused 

The highlight of the night was helping a neighbor light their pumpkins. 
H kept saying "Whoo!" and laughing out loud 

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