Monday, August 4, 2014

West Palm Beach!

About a year ago Ryan and I started planning "The Trip".  The one to celebrate being done with residency, before starting his new job. The one to celebrate our 30th birthdays as well as surviving the last five years.  We spent countless coffee dates, just browsing places.  I'm a huge believer in that planning a trip is a big part of the fun.  We seriously looked at tons of places and destinations, all over the place, and finally decided on the Turks and Caicos.  Well fast forward multiple months and we started to get cold feet. With all the craziness of the move, etc. we just weren't sure we wanted to go so far and leave the kids. We also wanted to do something more economical so we used a free ticket voucher and some credit card points to fly to West Palm Beach to stay at the Four Seasons. It was awesome!  

This trip was just about completely documented by selfies. 

We left New Bern at 6 a.m. Landed in Florida at 10 and were on the beach by lunchtime. 
Flying without children is a vacation in itself! 

View from our room 

Getting ready for dinner

We ate at an awesome tapas restaurant. One of our favorites! 

We walked to this beach shack for lunch and boy was I hot! 

Our second day we did a couples massage (awesome) and lounged at the pool and beach. It felt strange to just bring my small bag instead of the 400 things we normally take to the pool with the kids. The next day we had planned an adventure- paddleboarding!  We needed to leave early so we got room service. I got tickled seeing that we both ordered cereal and kid cereal at that! 

We try to do something new or adventurous on our trips and Ryan has been after me for a long time about trying paddle boarding so I finally agreed. I thought for sure I would be falling in the water constantly but I'm proud to say I didn't fall once! It actually was SO much fun. We had a lesson and then paddled around an island and then were on our own for some more time. 

I'm rocking the pant less look but my shoulders were so burned I had to keep my shirt on over my bathing suit but I didn't want my shorts wet! lol

Another pre-dinner selfie 

Sunrise on our last day
It was a great trip and just what we needed- rest, relaxation, lots of time together. Best of all it was EASY. And we really needed something easy after all the summer's craziness. We have to say a big thank you to our parents who watched the kids while we were gone. It's easy to relax when we know they are in good hands! 

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