Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Funny and Sweet Sayings

One of James's new obsessions is learning Spanish. However sometimes he doesn't quite get it right.

"Mommy, do you know what the Spanish word for icing is? Frosting!"

"Did you know the Spanish word for God is Jesus?"

Person on the airplane, "How old are you?" James- "Tres!" (said with a perfect accent.)

While stalling for bed. "Mommy I need to tell you something very quickly. I sure do love you so much."

James, "I'm a bug killer." Emily- "I don't really like that word." James, "Oh, sorry. I'm an ant killer."

"Mommy you aren't supposed to slam the door. I need to have a little talk with you about this. This is how you are supposed to do it. Say you are sorry."

"Soon I'm going to be 30 and you will be 31 and then we can get married!  Someone will have to carry the ring pillow. I guess that can be Daddy."

"I'm going to marry you Mommy so I can kiss you."

Emily- "James, guess what you are going to get to have a new cousin!" James- "No, I think that is going to be Harrison's cousin."

James- "Mommy Harrison messes up everything". Emily- "Well he is still a baby. One day he won't." James- "Yeah, like when he is 30."

After asking him something in the car, James replied, "Sure I can sweetheart!"

"Mommy you are present. From God."

"Dear God, thank you for this day and our family.... indivisible with liberty and justice for all. Amen." (during bedtime prayers)

"I want the biggest piece. It's all about me and nobody else!" (this was after reading our devotional about not being greedy. Guess we need to repeat that lesson)

One night we were talking about moving and James said he didn't want to go. After going around and around the subject I finally said, "James, sometimes God tells us where we need to go." James replied,  "Well God is not telling me to go anywhere."

Emily, "James, what is the first thing you want to do when we get to our new house?" James,  "I'm going to eat a little snack bc I'll be hungry."

"Are we just borrowing this house?"

"I'm so glad we are all together again."

"Mommy, did you know we are part of God's masterpiece?"

While on the boat Ryan said- "It looks like that man is walking on water. But who is the only person who walked on water?" James- "Jesus but you need special shoes for that."

And finally two of the most precious conversations I have had with James to date. I'm copying this from an email that I sent my parents the day after.

It was raining today and we were talking about how it was good that it was raining because it would make the flowers grow. James said he couldn't see the flowers growing and I reminded him that even though we don't see everything it doesn't mean that it isn't still happening or that it isn't there.  I then told him that it is the same with Jesus, even though we can't really see him we can still feel him. James then answered, "I can feel him in my heart Mama."

James has had a lot of anxiety about heaven (he doesn't want to fly up into the sky with Jesus, lol) and he will often get on kicks where he asks all these questions about heaven. Well he got on one of his tangents asking all this stuff about how we would get there, etc. and I finally told him that he didn't need to worry about that and the most important thing to remember about heaven is that we were going to be there with Jesus and we would all be there together. I then reminded him (because we have had these conversations before) that there were people that we love already in heaven waiting for us. I mentioned his Uncle Jimmy and my Granny, and Ryan's granddad. James then said, "Do you miss those people Mommy?" and I said, "yes I miss them all very much and it makes me sad sometimes."  He then said, "Aren't you SO excited that you get to see them again one day in heaven and give them a BIG hug?"

Melt my heart. Thankful to be his Mama. Thankful for these sweet conversations that I get to be a part of. Thankful for the faith of a child that reminds us all of the truth we need to know.

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