Sunday, May 18, 2014

Florida Day 2

The original plan was to go to Sea World the day after Magic Kingdom. Well call me old but I needed a day of recovery. Our whole approach to this trip was to be laid back and flexible. We decided to take a day to hang out by the pool and relax. Ryan and I also had something special planned that night with the conference so we felt like we needed a down day. 

I-pad in the morning. Harrison watching TV at age one. Don't judge. 
I loved getting to feed the kids at the bar. Our new house has a really big island and it made me excited about getting to do some meals there. I also loved having a full kitchen so we could eat and feed the kids easily.

After Harrison took a nap we headed over to Nana and Pop's hotel. It had great pools and things to do. 

Uncle Eddie and Aunt Shelly along with Sidney and Savannah drove to spend the day with us. It was great to see them! 

Nana even brought new pool toys! 

Harrison LOVES water

After we ate lunch we went up to the room and Ryan's mom had planned a surprise birthday celebration for me. It made me feel so special, especially since I knew I wasn't going to get to celebrate my on my real birthday with many family or friends. 
We had mouse ears for the celebration

This kid was super excited

My sweet mother-in-law
The cake was delicious! 
Love this sweet boy

Poor Harrison finally crashed

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