Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Harrison- 8 Months Old

Harrison- how are you already 8 months old?! Boy does time go a lot faster with the second kid.  These pictures made me laugh.  Everyone I know has the cute monthly stickers. I was too cheap to go out and buy any and figured I could just print a sign off the computer. Well, then then printer broke. This sign is pretty pitiful.  

Apparently H's head was the racetrack for James's car

Classic picture: James acting crazy, Harrison "bored tolerance"

Uh Oh- the sign is history!

Checking out the bear 

Sweet boy 

Gimme that cupcake!

Mom, I'm not a fan of this.

Stats: No official doctor's appointment this week but I think Harrison is around 20 pounds.  He wears size 12 month clothing. He pretty much only wears pajamas because he is out of regular clothes and I refuse to buy any because spring is around the corner and then he will be able to use some of James's old ones. Plus he can't keep shoes on his feet so the footie pajamas work nicely. :)

Likes: Drinking out of his sippy cup, eating mum mums when we go out to restaurants, favorite foods: prunes, sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, swinging at the park, watching James play, grunting and throwing toys across the floor. 

Dislikes: The church nursery, naps, snow

Harrison you are changing so much and so fast. Your personality is really starting to shine.  This has been a big month for you.  We gave you a cup and you drank water out of it the very first time. I couldn't help but laugh because with James it took us MONTHS to convince him to use a cup whereas you did it immediately.  You have had a hard month physically. You and James both had a high fever and then yours turned into a double ear infection.  You also had your first trip to the ER after almost choking on an unknown object.  Please don't do that to us again! You also got to see snow for the first time (which you hated).  You are scooting all over the place on your arms and stomach and doing the "army crawl".  One of your favorite things to do is to watch whatever James is doing. He keeps your interest and is the best entertainment. He also can make you laugh out loud. Such a special moment for me to see. I hope and pray that you and your brother will always share a special friendship.  We love you so much sweet boy!

Loves to sit surrounded by toys

Best buddies 

Chowing down on some sweet potatoes 

Starting to get into everything!

I caught James feeding H when I wasn't looking... 
8 months and counting of hating the car seat. Misery for us all

First time with a sippy cup 

I had to photograph this. James said he was going to play with Harrison and this is what he set up for the two of them!

Gimme that Mum Mum! 

Think we have outgrown the play mat 

Sick baby at the doctor's office 

Not too sick to try to eat the paper!

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