Friday, January 31, 2014

January Misc

Now that we have the house on the market I'm finally finding some time to catch up on the blog.  Here are a few of our memories from January! 

Every night before bedtime James puts on the "race" song and does a crazy dance and race with Ryan. This night the buses were racing. 

One of our Christmas presents from my parents was a family membership to Sci-Port. James LOVES going there and it will give us admission to several museums in NC as well. It's been great to have for those days with nothing to do and we need to get out of the house. 

James has become obsessed with the space ice cream. 

I had to grab my camera this night. Ryan and James were reading books and it was a little memory in time that I didn't want to forget. 
We have to limit books to 3 plus the bible or we would read all night!

Another bus race

Every day James says, "Daddy is my best friend. He is my best buddy." 

Silly faces
 This month we also have been getting the house ready for selling. This has meant packing stuff up and going through every drawer, nook, and cranny. Last year when we were pregnant I remember thinking, "well at least the baby will be sleeping through the night by the time we have to put the house on the market."  No- not the Holland children! Lol 
Harrison was helping me go through his closet 
 We had a fun play date with Taylor and Reece.  My funniest memory of the day is when Taylor and James went in his room to play and were being so nice and quiet. Jennifer and I were actually getting to talk for a few minutes and I was thinking how nice it was that the kids were old enough to play together nicely. Fast forward to that afternoon. I discovered that T and J had actually found liquid Butt Paste (bet those of you without little kids have no idea what I'm talking about, haha) and sprayed it ALL over James's walls! 

Reece didn't want to be in the picture and I don't think H was too excited.

Bathtub paint. One of my favorite Pinterest finds. Perfect for nights when Daddy works late and Mommy is going crazy.

Sweet James was bundled up to play outside in the cold and had found me a rock that he gave me as a gift. 

James helping clean the house. 

James insisted that H watch a movie with him. This is classic H: looking at people like, "What are we doing?" 

Ryan was supposed to be getting up for work and I couldn't find James. Went in our room and found this! 

Sweet boys! (James refusing to take a picture)

Pajama day at Preschool. James and his buddies made this cute pillow.

Storage unit! It has helped us so much because we had WAY too much stuff in our house

For sale!
 I felt guilty because we had to pack up so many of James's toys (not that he needed them but anyway).  To ease that transition I told him that we would go pick out one new toy to play with while the other ones were in the attic. Well I was thinking maybe a $10 toy. Crazy kid talked us into some new gadget for the train table that was $50! And it was right after Christmas!!! 

Love them 

Real men wear the Moby-Go. Haha! This is the only way to shop with H. 

Sunday breakfast at Panera or Nera as James calls it. 

H likes those plastic cups so much I took two on our recent trip to NC for him to play with on the plane. 
 And finally...when the stay at home mom goes a little crazy she passes time by doing a selfie with the kids...

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day!

I was on the phone one day and suddenly saw snowflakes falling. I quickly threw some coats on the kids and rushed outside to play and take pictures before it stopped. It may have been the quickest, shortest snowfall ever but we made the best of it!

Harrison really did not like this whole experience 
Especially at this point!

Afterwards we made some homemade hot chocolate. Yum! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Day at the Park

This has been such a long cold winter here in Shreveport. I know it has been worse other places in the country but when you live in the deep south you just shouldn't have to live with this dreariness and coldness! Anyway, we finally had a day of beautiful weather and it just happened to be a holiday so Ryan was able to go with me and the kids to the park.  We packed a little picnic and had a wonderful time!