Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nene and Pappy Come to Celebrate Christmas!

 To say that I was sad that Ryan was working Christmas is an understatement- we were both really down in the dumps about it. Not so much the fact that he had to work as much as the fact that we were spending yet another holiday alone.  I can tell myself all sorts of things (lots of people have it worse, at least you get to spend the holiday with your husband and kids, etc. etc.) but at the end of the day it is lonely to spend special days here.  Actually it is lonely to spend any day here but that's a whole different blog post! Well literally a week before Christmas I got a phone call from my dad that they decided to come.  I cannot even begin to describe how much this meant to me and Ryan. I immediately teared up.  Ryan agreed that out of all the things my parents have done for us over the years, this one was near the top.  It changed our outlook on the holiday and just breathed some excitement into the house.  Now I'm sure my parents were not exactly thrilled about coming to Shreveport for Christmas- they have celebrated the holiday in NC their whole lives and have many special traditions there, but that just made their sacrifice even more special.  

James, H and I picked them up from the airport that Monday morning. James was pretty thrilled to see that Nene and Pappy were wearing blinking Christmas necklaces (and I thought it was funny what things Grandparents will do to make their grandchildren smile!)

James, my mom, and I went out to run a few errands and Dad stayed behind watching football with H. 

That night I got a babysitter and the adults went to dinner at Bella Fresca. You can tell you have grown up when you want to go on a double date with your parents! :)

The next morning was Christmas Eve.  One of the boys' presents from Nana and Pop this year was a "jump house".  James convinced Nene to take a turn in it. 

Pappy got the special experience of feeding H breakfast. :) 

Then we all made a trip to Strawn's for breakfast. 

Per James's request I got to wear the blinking Christmas necklace. I was
surprised how many compliments I got on it, lol. 
Mom, H, and I did a little grocery shopping. H decided he needed a little nap in the new Moby-Go. (I never thought I would be a baby wearing Momma but those things have SAVED me with this kid!) 

Then it was home for naps and then church. After church we spent a little time on the playground and then headed home to make cookies and reindeer food!

When did he get so big? 

Crazy family selfie 
Left a cookie and some milk for Santa. And some carrots out on the grass with the reindeer food. 
 Finally we all sat on the couch together (minus sweet H who was fast asleep) to read the Christmas story. It was a great Christmas Eve! 

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