Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Harrison 3 Months

Harrison this was a super busy month for you!  We flew to NC to meet the rest of your family and friends and you also had your first trip to the beach.  You also started Mother's Day Out, went to the  church nursery for the first time, you have rolled over (but don't do it consistently), and you have discovered your toes. You have moved up to size two diapers and James has given you the nickname "peanut."

Likes: the swing, the play mat, balloons, eating, smiling at James
Dislikes: the gym nursery, tummy time, the beach (hated it)

James insisted on sitting beside Harrison and gave him his toy to look at during dinner 
A familiar sight
Ready to fly to NC
Getting ready to board the first plane

Meeting Uncle Rod
Side note- while at the beach Ryan signed his contract for life after residency! And my mom was his witness!
Tummy time on the beach

One thing we started recently is having a weekly date together. I haven't been ready to leave Harrison so he has come along. 
Date night at Superior's
Holding baby and eating chips and salsa. Multitasking at its finest 

This is how naps look at our house

What Harrison thinks of the car seat

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