Saturday, June 8, 2013

Newborn Photo Session

It was a little random how I met Candace Chaney.  I was at the gym and we got to talking while at the elliptical. Her friend who was working out with her mentioned that she did photos and I was excited because I was looking for a photographer to do our newborn pictures. I was also super excited that we could afford her, lol.  

As soon as we knew we were going to be induced I scheduled our appointment for when Harrison was just four days old. I was a little hesitant to do it that early but normally babies are still in that "sleep all the time" stage and do really well for photos.  Also Candace was booked the next couple of weekends after. Well, in typical Holland fashion, Harrison was awful.  He cried, he wouldn't sleep. I had to stop in the middle of the shoot and go feed him while poor Candace waited. I was struggling both mentally and physically from giving birth. It is amazing that we got any pictures at all! Candace was SO sweet and patient with us. I think it helps that she has three kids so she understands the mayhem. :) I remember telling Ryan the morning of the photo shoot that one day we would look back and be so thankful we did it. We definitely are! 

Here are some of our favorites from the session

James is captivated by his little brother

2 sweet boys

Love my big boy

Best daddy ever 

I almost didn't get any pictures of just me and Harrison (because I felt so gross) but I am so thankful Candace talked me into it. I treasure these sweet moments she captured!

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