Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Harrison's First Week

One of my major mom fails has been the lack of monthly blog posts for Harrison. Even though I wasn't blogging I did try to record in his daily calendar what he was doing and what was going on. However with James I did this daily for two years. With Harrison I didn't even make it through the first year. I'm sorry buddy! It wasn't because of a lack of love, just time and energy. 

I have been wanting to print my blog books from the past 1 1/2 years and have been putting it off because I wanted to go back and record some memories that were never written down. So... I have pulled out the baby calendar and that plus some pictures is going to hopefully going to jog my memory enough to do these posts!  

After James got to meet Harrison my parents got their turn. 
Mom holding H for the first time

They also got to witness the first diaper change. Poor Harrison had quite the audience 
We have a family joke about snickers and giving birth in our family.  Basically my mom was about to give birth to me and my dad kept eating a Snickers bar in front of her and she was not happy about it. As a joke Ryan has gotten my dad a snickers both times my kids were born. 
 Before long my parents headed home with James and Ryan and I were left with this cutie. 

That night Jennifer came to see us! I was so excited to get to have a visitor!!!
The next morning my parents came back over and per my request my doctor let us go ahead and leave!

Time to go home!

I look gross in this picture but I had to include this because of the memory. James came to the couch and cuddled with me and Harrison and Ryan and I remember realizing that it was one of the first memories of spending time together as a family of four. So special!
James was pretty interested in his new brother
First morning waking up at home 

James put zero on Harrison so we would all know how old he was

With James Ryan went back to work immediately.  With Harrison he was able to take 2 extra days off and it was so nice!

Doing puzzles together. James wanted Harrison to play too.
Uncle David came to visit
He got to come with me for Harrison's first doctor's appointment
First bath 

First time I had both boys in the car together. I remember feeling like it was so weird to have two kids in the back!
I decided to be adventurous and go to dinner with my parents, Ryan, and David to Superior Steakhouse when Harrison was three days old. After the fact I realized it was probably more than I should have done but I hated to miss it. 

Ryan and I ventured out a few nights later for a date night with Harrison while my mom stayed with James. We went to Outback of all places. I guess because it was close? Our first date with James was to Subway. Not sure about either of those choices. 

We made it through the first week!

My mom and James made a cake to celebrate

Lots of people have asked me how we chose our boys' names. James is named James Thomas after both granddads, his Uncle Jimmy, and his daddy. When we found out we were having a second boy we felt like we had used up a lot of our options. It took us MONTHS to decide. Actually I could have named him quickly but I couldn't get Ryan on board with my suggestions. Finally Ryan decided on Harrison. He liked the double H for Harrison Holland. It has no significance at all except that we liked it. I chose the middle name Lee after my mom because it was important to me to have our kids' names have some sentimental significance. We had picked out two middle name possibilities and they both honored our moms. So- Harrison Lee Holland is what it is! 


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