Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Harrison Lee Holland

How do I even write this post?  It's hard to put into words the experience of having a baby and getting to see your family grow.  I do want to try to remember the details so here I go! 

The night before my induction I was a serious wreck.  I was super anxious about the birth, the possibilities, and the knowledge that life was about to change. I have serious anxiety about hospitals, doctors, etc. I was also extremely emotional thinking about how James wasn't going to be my only child, my baby anymore, etc. etc.  I was worried about how James was going to handle the transition and me being away from him. I was trying to read books to James that night and I just kept crying.  Poor Ryan (and James) probably thought I was a basket case!

Soaking in as many snuggles as possible

Last picture as a family of 3
 It was also our 7 year anniversary! And I am enormous! I felt guilty for going out and leaving James knowing I was going to be in the hospital the next couple of nights so we just stayed home. So far we have not had the best luck with our anniversary dates. Oh well. 
We always do this cheesy picture so we know which year it is. Lol
We were up bright and early the next morning and my mom got up to tell us bye. It was a much more relaxing drive to the hospital since I wasn't in full blown labor like last time!

I left James a little note and a "magic straw" to have when we woke up. He was going through a number obsession as you can see. :)
Not sure why I can't get this picture to flip!
5 a.m. time to go
They checked us in and we were in the room right beside the room that we had James.
Last belly picture. Cool outfit.

I was really stressed in the days leading up to the birth about whether or not I should be induced. A big part of me thinks babies should come when they are ready. However my labor with James was fast and I needed two rounds of antibiotics before having Harrison. My OB had shared with me the possibility of a fast labor and it would be difficult to get to the hospital in time to get the meds. I also was worried that I wouldn't be able to get up with Ryan if he was in the OR, etc. After a lot of discussion and prayer we decided to do the induction.

I'm not someone who likes to get too personal on the blog but I do want to remember some of the details. If I don't write it down I forget it. That morning I showed up at the hospital and imagine my surprise that I was already 5 cm. I have a feeling that I would have been having that baby on that day regardless of the induction or not! After hearing that my doctor told the nurses to not start the induction, to try to get me my first round of antibiotics, and to try to not have the baby till she got out of surgery. Got the first dose of meds at 5:15 and just hung out till 7:15.  Ryan and I just talked and chilled.  So different than with James.  Thankfully my nurse also let me get out of bed when I needed/wanted to which they did not let me do last time.  At 7:15 they started me on the lowest dose of pitocin and told me the doctor would come in at 9 to break my water.  Then Ryan and I started discussing when I was going to get the epidural. I was having contractions but nothing unbearable (especially compared to the ones with James).  I felt like I needed to be in some real pain before getting it but I also didn't want to miss my chance. Ryan strongly felt I needed to get it before my water broke so I finally agreed. I just have to say that I HATE needles but that this was the best anesthesiologist, and he did an awesome job.  He was exactly the kind of doctor I needed- answered prayer!  

Time for the epidural! Ryan made fun of me in this getup

Got the epidural at 8:50. Doctor came in at 9 and broke my water and said she would be back in a few hours and headed to clinic. At 9:10 I told the nurse that I didn't feel like the epidural had kicked in because I was in a lot of pain. She suggested I turn over to one side. When I did that I felt that baby slide on down and lots of pressure.  Then chaos broke loose.  Several nurses started frantically preparing the room for delivery and one told me loudly to not move and to keep my legs closed, lol.  Another nurse grabbed her cell phone to call Dr. Tynes which I thought was pretty funny (that she used the cell phone instead of the hospital one).  I just kept saying, "I want some more epidural, I don't want to do this natural!  One of the nurses said, "We can try honey but I think you are out of time."  Not what I wanted to hear. I am a total fan of the medicated birth. Haha! I was in a lot of pain and Ryan was a great encourager and support for me. Dr. Tynes came running in at 9:20 and he was born at 9:48, 3 rounds of pushing. 2 1/2 hours from the time they started the induction.  45 minutes after my water broke.  30 minutes after I got the second dose of antibiotics. Yes, I think the induction was the right decision. Right after he was born Dr. Tynes said that she really didn't think we would have made it to the hospital on time which means Ryan definitely wouldn't have gotten home in time for it if he had been at work.  

Even though the labor was super fast I was exhausted, even more so than when I had James. My epidural also finally kicked in after the labor so I just hung out in the bed for awhile while Ryan and I took turns snuggling Harrison.  Our hospital does the "magic hour" which means after they check the baby real quick they give him to you and leave you alone for an hour. I have loved this with both of my kids. It is one of the most special times ever for Ryan and I to get to bond with our new child. With Harrison I was so worn out that I actually didn't call or text anyone till he was over an hour old- not even our families. Ryan and I just took turns loving on him. I think my mom was pretty shocked when I called her and said, "He's here!".  The labor had happened so fast she didn't even know we were close. One of my friends texted me to see how it was going and he was already born. It was just a crazy, intense, fast labor.  

7 lbs 15 oz. 20 1/2 inches long. Heavier than James but same length

Holding Harrison for the first time
One funny memory for me of that morning is that before I got the epidural I kept telling Ryan that I wanted to brush my hair and put on some makeup. He kept reassuring me that I would have plenty of time before the baby was born to do that...umm not so much. Lol! 

Love him so much 
Mommy and Harrison 

Daddy holding Harrison for the first time 

Are Ryan and I the only ones who think the baby cross eye look is hilarious? 

So thankful for a healthy baby and birth.  Harrison's birth was also a great reminder to me that despite all the stressing and worrying beforehand, God is in control and I just need to chill out. :)  

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