Saturday, June 22, 2013

Harrison Meets Nana and Pop

A couple of days after my mom left Nana and Pop came to meet Harrison. It was so nice to have all the extra help- especially with James!

Meeting Harrison for the first time
Nana came with some fun things for the big brother 
Harrison loves his Nana

First time being held by Pop

We got to celebrate Father's Day while they were here
Happy Father's Day to this daddy of 2 sweet boys
While Nana babysat Harrison I took James on a special date to have some quality time.
And while James was at Mother's Day Out Nana and I had some special time with Harrison
Some other things that went on during the week Nana and Pop were with us was that we took Harrison to church for the first time (he lasted 15 minutes), he started making all sorts of funny faces with his mouth, he went to see Daddy at work, and he officially decided he did not like his car seat, something that has not changed. Nana and Pop were so good to us while they were here visiting us. They fed us, took care of James, and gave us all lots of love and attention.

Friday, June 21, 2013

First few days at home

Some more pictures of our first few days together. 

Someone loves his baby brother 

James and my mom taking a walk in the rain 
Harrison loved the flowers people sent 
With James we had none of the days where the baby slept a lot. H gave us a week or so which was nice. 

Mr. Fat Cheeks 

Funny true story. H was home for several days before we remembered to give him a bath. Second child syndrome. Sorry buddy!

My parents were great about entertaining James

Trip to Sci-Port

Breakfast at Strawn's

Followed by a visit to the duck pond