Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Very Happy Birthday

My birthday started off a day early when Ryan showed up with my ice cream cake.  We decided there was no point in waiting till the next day to get started with eating it so we dug right in. :) 

Cake plus ice cream = a very happy James 
The next day I was fortunate to get to go have lunch with Jennifer, Taylor, Reece and James at Trejos.  They were so sweet to me and brought me flowers, a gift, and a cupcake.  We used the cupcake to bribe the kids into behaving for the meal and it actually worked pretty good! 

That night Ryan surprised me with a few presents. The funny thing is that James saw them and ran into the room and told me what they were before opening them, lol. 

My very favorite gift- a bag of Sonic ice! I have massively craved ice this pregnancy so you have no
idea how happy I was to get this! 
James was pretty funny singing happy birthday. When Ryan sang happy birthday to mommy James said,
"No her name is Emily!"
The only bad part about my birthday was that shortly after we had cake Ryan got called back into work to do a surgery for a guy that had gotten shot in the pelvis. Now, I know I should be thankful because at least I wasn't the one who got shot but I was really sad that I didn't get to see him much and that I had to spend the night alone. I confess that I did eat an extra piece of cake once James was asleep and then I felt a little better, haha! I can't believe its my last year in my twenties!

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