Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Easter 2013

This was an extra special Easter because we got to spend it with our family and Ryan was not working and James actually stayed in the church nursery so we got to go to the service. The last several times we have been in NC I haven't been in the service for more than five minutes before getting paged to come get him! A couple of days before Easter we had to go make a visit to see the Easter bunny and get our annual picture. 

For Easter weekend David and Greer came into town. We hadn't gotten to see them since they were engaged, so we were so excited to get to celebrate and see the ring in person.  The first night they were there we decided to cook out. James always requests to help Pappy make a steak while we are in town. 

James loved having David act wild and crazy with him 
Helping Greer water the plants

 The next morning the Easter bunny had come to see James, David, Greer, Ryan and I. And best of all since we were in NC I didn't have to worry about watching out for the bunny, my mom got to take care of all that. :) 

James told Nene he wanted a purple basket so of course she did her best to find one 

We all went to church and then had some Parker's BBQ for lunch. And I'm talking about Eastern NC bbq which we definitely don't have here in the deep south!

James was in the most uncooperative mood ever and this was the only picture we got with him

When James woke up from his nap he decided to do his version of the bunny hop. 

When Ryan's parents got back into town he took James over to hang out, play on the golf course, and to give Mama a little break. 

How cool is it to have grandparents who live on a golf course? 

Ryan figured out a good way to keep the tricycle going without having to lean over to push!
And what better way to end Easter than a snuggle with Pappy in his chair? 

Very grateful to get to spend this holiday with those we love as well as being able to celebrate the Resurrection together as a family. I loved seeing how James's mind was working this Easter as he began to be able to process what the day was about and hearing his interpretation of Jesus dying on the cross and then as he told us, "The tomb was empty! Where Jesus go?!"  Happy Easter! 

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