Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Misc

A few of our memories from this past March!

Helping get the mail 

Early morning bed-hed.  His hair is just like his Pappy's here! 
Thinks he is hot stuff with his back pack 
Picked James up from Sunday school on Palm Sunday and
he knew all about waving his branch and yelling, Hosanna! 
First milkshake: bread pudding flavor at Smashburger. Trust me when I say it is SO good. 

We went to his school friend's princess party. He was the only boy so they got him a prince crown. :) 
Loving the beautiful weather 

Wearing Daddy's shoes 
Our little leprechaun 

Ryan had to travel to Virginia for a work conference. We tried to fill up the weekend with all sorts of fun activities. 
Picnic at the park with Taylor and Reece 
Special time with Mommy 
Birthday party at In the Zone 
And of course we ate at our favorite places 

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