Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dallas Part One

We hadn't been back to Dallas since our "Dallas Disaster" (the trip where we all ended up spending the weekend in the hotel with a stomach virus)  We decided it was time to try again and that James would probably enjoy it more at this age anyway.  We timed it so that I picked him up from Mothers' Day Out and for maybe the first time ever he actually fell asleep in the car and slept most of the way.  It's a great feeling when the plan works! When we got to Dallas we headed straight to the aquarium.

Checking out some animals 

An attempt at a family picture 

Another family picture attempt- not having too much success! 

James' favorite part was going into the "caves" as he called them 

Mr. Cool 
After we left the aquarium we headed to the hotel, checked in, and walked over to the Galleria for James and Ryan to eat dinner.  Ryan graciously offered to watch James so my mom and I could have a girls' dinner out at a little nicer establishment than McDonald's! Overall it was a pretty smooth beginning to the trip. 

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