Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Quick Visit/ Maternity Shoot

One day I got a text from my friend Sara that told me that she was coming for a photography workshop in Dallas and had found a really cheap deal flying into Shreveport of all places (definitely doesn't happen often).  The deal was so good that she could just rent a car to drive to Dallas for the workshop and could visit with me for a long weekend. I was so excited to see her! 

The first day she was here I seriously think I ate more than I ever have in one day.  Whenever Sara comes we always try to pack in as many different local places to eat and we did a good job on this trip with that, lol. We went out to lunch that day and then decided to get dessert using a coupon I had gotten for Aly B's Bakery.  Very yummy!

 That night Ryan graciously watched James so that we could go to dinner just the two of us and actually sit and relax.  

And of course we had to get some dessert after! :) 

Sara was gone all of Saturday but we still had Sunday to hang out and visit.  That day she also did some photos for us.  After church we were at lunch and I could not believe that this child fell asleep in my lap.  Do you know how many times he has slept through a meal? Exactly three times: once as an infant at Trejos, once in the Atlanta airport food court, and now here. Of course this little 15 minute nap meant he refused to take a nap when we got home which made for an interesting photo session later that day. 

I wish I could say he stayed asleep when Ryan put him in the car but no luck
I could never pick which of the pictures that Sara took that were my favorite but here are just a few. I love how she captures our family and the moments that make up our lives! 

snack time 

One day it won't be cool to hold Mommy's hand anymore...

Just waking up from a nap 
 I'm sure many moms can relate to those first few minutes after a nap where your child is still a little sleepy and actually will cuddle with you.  Those moments don't happen often so they are even more precious when you get to experience them.  So often when James snuggles with me I get teary eyed, realizing that my time holding my little man is limited. Before I know it he will be all grown up and these sweet moments will be a thing of the past. So thankful Sara captured the memory for me! 

Every day James asks if he can "watch a train with Dada" a.k.a. see a train video on the computer

Love my sweet friend 
Cuddle time with Pup pup 
 That Sunday afternoon we managed to squeeze in a family/maternity/James at 2 1/2 years photo shoot. 

I love these next three- classic boy moments. Anytime he sees a stick he just has to pick it up! 

Getting baby brother in on the stick action, haha! 

One of the things I love most about Ryan- all the laughter we share together.
Life is better when you can find the humor in it. :) 

Thank you Sara for coming to visit! We love you!

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  1. We had so much fun, as always! I treasure these times I have with you and your family in Shreveport. I treasure the food we eat, too...haha!!