Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We have had so much fun this past week doing all sorts of exciting Christmas activities. I made a little list of things ideas for us to do throughout the month and it has been fun (and exhausting) to do some of them over the past week.

We have painted Christmas ornaments- fun, chaotic, messy, but memorable. 

This year I was able to participate in an advent ornament exchange. Basically 24 ladies each made a specific ornament that corresponds with a daily devotion to do with our kids about the true meaning of Christmas.  We had a fun get together where we exchanged our ornaments and got our devotion books.  I don't know how much James is actually learning at his age but it has been special to do each night as a family. 

We needed a tree for our advent ornaments. We all went to Hobby Lobby and it was probably the craziest day ever in there.  Ryan quickly determined we needed to get out of there ASAP and informed me that this was the perfect tree for our purpose. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind but considering we got it for less than 7 dollars and it got us out of Hobby Lobby, I think it will be fine for this year.  

Helping put on our daily ornament 

We worked on our letter to Santa.  This is exactly what he told me but later he clarified that he really wanted a purple train table. Don't think that is going to happen...

Our church had a birthday party for Jesus with a Polar Express theme.  I was super impressed with how thought out they had done everything. James was SO excited when he got his invitation in the mail. 

Wearing his conductor's hat that he was given 

Working on a craft 

Building trains 

James was excited that his buddies Brown and Briggs were in his group

I wasn't so sure if he would like riding in this train. I made sure his seat belt was tight! 

Hang on buddy! 

Taking a ride on the track 

Bean bag toss 

 At the very end they lit candles and sang Silent Night. I wasn't so sure about my two year old holding a lit candle...  As everyone started singing Silent Night all soft and beautiful James started singing Happy Birthday at the top of his lungs.  Hopefully we didn't ruin the mood for everyone, just those around us. 

That night we decided to go to Christmas in Roseland.  It was kind of a crazy, packed weekend but Ryan is on call most of the rest of the month so we had to maximize our time. James went CRAZY at this place.  He ran around non-stop the whole time we were there. 


Getting on the Roseland train 

Looking back at this post I realize that it has been a really busy week! Looking forward to lots more fun in the weeks to come. 

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