Friday, December 21, 2012

Exciting News

Though pretty much everyone knows, it's now officially on the blog. We are going from a family of 3 to a family of 4!  In early October we found out the family was growing so when Sara came to visit in November she took a few pictures of the soon to be big brother. 

After telling James he was going to be a big brother we needed to celebrate with some ice cream cake. We are always willing to celebrate with cake around this house! :)

The night Ryan found out
If I had to sum up this pregnancy up until this point in one word I'm afraid I would have to use miserable.  Poor Ryan has had his hands full with a VERY sick wife. I know a lot of people have it worse but it has definitely not be fun. But we are just thankful that so far everything has gone smoothly, and now that I am at the half-way point I am finally feeling better. Praise the Lord!

The day before we left for our Christmas trip to NC Dr. Tynes was sweet to do an extra ultrasound to see if we could find out the gender. I have to admit that I am really spoiled when it comes to ultrasounds. Next week I will be having ultrasound number 5 for this baby.  Since Ryan has an ultrasound machine at his office when we were pregnant with James we would just sneak in after hours whenever we wanted to see him. I think insurance normally only pays for a couple so we are really fortunate to get so many sneak peaks. 

The night before the ultrasound I had almost decided that I didn't want to find out. When I mentioned this to Ryan he informed me that the fact that he was able to get off work for the appointment, we had found someone to watch James, and we were actually going to be able to go together meant that yes we would be finding out.  I love it when Ryan suddenly gets opinionated! When that ultrasound machine came on within two seconds Ryan yelled out "Boy"! I guess its a good thing we weren't trying to be surprised because there was NO denying what we were looking at.  Hooray!  I love being the mom of boys and this also means I get to continue to be the only woman of the house for at least awhile longer. :) I was going to be creative and make our families wait to find out what the gender was but then I decided that since they had to miss so much living far away that that wouldn't be fair. So we told them right away and they were excited as well.

Jennifer was so sweet to let James hang out with Taylor and Reece since I couldn't find a sitter. When I went to pick him up I convinced her we needed to go to lunch to celebrate. Where else do you go with an almost 1 year old, a 2 and 3 year old? Chick-fil-a of course! 

So thankful and excited about our growing family. It's going to be a big year! 


  1. I hadn't heard that it is another boy! Congrats! I'm so sorry you have been so sick, hoping you are feeling better now. How fun for James to have a brother!

    1. Thank you Casey! We are so excited!

  2. I'm so sorry you are sick! I had no idea you were even pregnant! You will love having 2 boys! It is wonderful!

  3. Emily, congrats on another boy! You will just have to be like your mom and have a girl as the 3rd ;-)