Thursday, November 8, 2012

Happy Halloween! 2012

This Halloween was so much fun because James was super excited about it. He couldn't wait to trick or treat and wear his doctor clothes. We decided for him to be a doctor since he loves to dress up in Ryan's scrubs and truthfully so much of our lives revolve around doctors, hospitals, daddy being gone, etc. There is a lot of medical lingo in our household! Of course I always joke that I hope he doesn't follow in his daddy's footsteps in terms of career so maybe this wasn't the best choice...oh well. I found his costume on Zulilly, and Ryan brought him home a scrub hat from the O.R. 

Dress rehearsal 

Using his doctor bag 

He went wild when I put his outfit on. I made the mistake of confusing him and
he thought we were going trick or treating right then when in reality it was still a day away. Whoops!

This year we were fortunate to be invited to go trick or treating with some friends.  It was fun to go in a group and see all the kiddos in their cute costumes.  

Ryan had to work but at the last minute he showed up! And his pager didn't go off
the whole night. :) 

We had dinner before and James tried to get his hands on some early candy. 

Pretty tough to get a picture of all the kiddos.

So sweet
Sweet Emmy 
The very first house we went to James dug both hands in and tried to scoop out all the candy.
Can we say little pig???

James found Taylor's Nerds- needless to say she was not sharing! Haha!

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