Friday, August 31, 2012

James at 2 Years

We went for James's 2 year old check up last week.  I felt like we hadn't been in forever so I was curious to see his official weight and height.

Height: 35 1/2 inches, 80th percentile
Weight 32 pounds, 90th percentile

You wearing size 2T-3T clothing and are between a size 7 and 8 shoe.

Ryan and I are still shocked that we have such a big kid! I mean he isn't huge or anything, but I sure thought he would be more average. 

James you are up to so much these days! Over the past month your language has really exploded.  You have started putting lots of words together and saying little sentences.  Your favorite sentence is "Sit down there Mama!". You love to have your mom or dad right beside you, watching you play at all times.  I also had to laugh when we walked into Chick-fil-a the other day and you said, "People eat chicken". Yes James, they do. And so do we based on how often we go there. We also love to hear you say multi-syllable words such as "cheesebubba" (cheeseburger) and "bellbow" (elbow). You  have perfected your Louisiana drawl and can turn any one syllable word into at least three. :)You love to play pretend and you have really started to enjoy play dough.  Some of your other favorite things are trains, trucks, Elmo, books, balls, and the pool.  Some of your favorite foods are applesauce, ice cream, chicken, steak, blueberries, and soup.  You still love to get up early (as in often before 6) and you are still not a great napper. You love all of your friends and you talk about them frequently.  You are so happy whenever you get to visit with them.  You love to read books, especially your books about Zeezus (Jesus) and God as you tell us every night.  You can identify your uppercase letters and most of your lowercase.  This past month you have learned how to count to 10 (verbally) by yourself. However the teacher in me must clarify that you haven't quite got one-to-one correspondence when counting items, haha! We will keep working on that. We are working on obeying, not whining, and sharing but overall you are a pretty sweet little boy.  James you bring so much joy to your parents' lives and we love you more than you will ever know!

Some of our pictures from the last month:
I bought this at a yard sale down the road to go in our yard. Somehow it is still in the living room- James loves it!

Our crazy family

These next two pictures make us laugh but only those people who really know us will get it. 

This picture is a total Creech face (my side). This is how Ryan and I
normally see James. 

However every now and then he does this funny thing with his chin= total Ryan. 

Family story time on James's future big-boy bed

Ryan and James took advantage of the rain to practice splashing in puddles 
Where has the time gone?

And because I love comparisons :) 
2 years ago
1 year ago
Life today 

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  1. Ha! I love comparisons too! I can't believe how big he is!