Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day was celebrated over the course of several days in our household this year.  JT and I were going to be in NC on the actual holiday weekend so we decided to celebrate with Ryan the weekend before we left.  

A couple of weeks before Jennifer and I decided to take the kids to Arts on Fire.  I think about 5 minutes after getting started we realized we might have bitten off more than we could chew! :)  James started off okay but his attention span quickly dwindled and I realized he definitely wasn't going to be finishing the required three coats of paint. Oh well! It was still a fun way to spend an afternoon.  

Working on his airplane 

Decorating the coffee mug for Daddy 

I love this picture of Taylor, Reece, and Jen working hard on their plate.  It turned out  so cute! 
James couldn't wait to give his dad his present. You could tell he was pretty proud of himself for making the presents. The funny thing is James had talked about painting with Taylor multiple times since we went that day but fortunately Ryan didn't figure it out. 

Ryan thought the airplane was pretty awesome too. 

Later James assisted Ryan with breakfast in bed, lol. 

While I was picking up the house I noticed these shoes- I love the little reminders of our family that  are left out. 

Finished product- it was definitely 100 percent made by James! 

On the actual Father's Day I was sad not to be spending it with Ryan but I was excited to get to be with my dad.   We started off the day by going to church together.  JT is not a fan of the nursery there for some reason, but he actually made it through the service which was a vast improvement over Easter. 

Later that afternoon David drove in from Wilmington to celebrate with us.  I have an awesome brother.  He drove 2 hours both ways just to come for dinner since he had to work the day before and the day after.  

Giving Pappy his present. Anyone see James? 

James had a blast with Uncle David on this trip!
Hurray for self-timer pictures! 

Even though we didn't get to spend the actual day with Ryan's dad we did get to visit later in the week.  I"m pretty blessed to have such great men in my life and for James to have such awesome role models in his family. 

Working on JT's swing on our last trip to NC 

Strolling by the golf course

Of course I had to leave a little something for Ryan on the real holiday so he got to open a little gift along with his card while we skyped.  I have become a big fan of the photo cards. 

I always say it but I will say it again. One of the things that attracted me most to Ryan was knowing that he would be an amazing dad and seeing so many of the traits that I admire about my dad in him.  So thankful for him, my own dad, and father-in-law! 

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