Monday, June 4, 2012

Another Fun Trip

I'm running out of ideas for blog titles since we have been traveling so much lately! James and I recently went to NC for a fun wedding weekend and were able to have a couple of days to hang out with friends and family.  Unfortunately I left most of the pictures we took there either on my mom's camera or on my mother-in-law's camera so I don't have a whole lot from all that we did.  

About 5 minutes after we got to NC James had convinced my mom he needed a basketball goal.  So off we went to get one. 

Pappy giving some lessons 

It was SO nice to have a girls' night out while I was there.  We hung out longer and later than I had planned because we were having so much fun.  We went a little crazy with the self-timer phone photos. :) 

Me and Becky

Crazy fun times! 
We spent a lot of time outside.  This child would live out there if we let him. 

Check out his new airplane!

So glad Tricia was in town and we got to hang out

I think he is up to something...

Love my little man 

One of the highlights of the trip for James was when my dad took him to Krispy Kreme and got him a "cupcake" with "balls" (a.k.a sprinkles) and some juice.  James has seriously talked about this each and every day since. Dad- I hope you are planning on taking him again next time because I already told him you would! :) 

My brother and Greer came for the wedding as well.  I left David in charge and let's just say these pictures tell the story.
Playing in the rain
Jumping on the bed

JT also had his first sleepover at Nana and Pop's house.  I was a little sad to see him go but was so thankful to not have to worry about getting up with him early in the morning the day after the wedding.  Apparently they had a fun time seeing friends and running up and down the golf course! Another great trip!  

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