Monday, June 11, 2012

6 Years and Counting!

I cannot believe it's been six years since we got married.  We have officially been married as long as we dated- crazy! I remember feeling like we dated forever, (probably because we were so ready to get married) but I feel like marriage has gone by fast.  Every year I think back to our wedding day and it always makes me a little sad because we had SO much fun getting married and part of me wishes I could go relive it again. (then I'm around my friends who are getting married now and I'm so thankful to have all the stress behind me, haha!)   Our whole wedding weekend was an incredibly special and fun time for us.  Not to mention two days after getting married we headed to a little piece of paradise, Anguilla!  I wouldn't mind heading there right now... :) 

Hanging out on our honeymoon. And no, I don't normally wear my hair in pigtails but it was very windy that day and it was the only way to tame my hair!!!
Needless to say celebrating this year was a little big different since little man was a part of all of it.  We decided since JT had been talking about donuts every day that we would all go to Krispy Kreme before church.  I have to admit that I am pretty particular about what James eats.  I just really want him to like healthy food so with the exception of ice cream that poor kid has not had a lot of sweets in his life time. Even goldfish are considered an exciting treat around here.  But...I'm finally loosening up a little bit and he definitely enjoyed his donut.  (and I am sure that by the time we have three or four kids I will not care at all what they eat, that's just something your first kid gets to deal with. Lol) 

That night we decided to all go out to get some Mexican food.  Long story short, James was awful so I ate the dinner alone while Ryan walked him around.  Not exactly a romantic anniversary dinner- oh well! Maybe next year we can get a babysitter. 

Of course when we got home we had to take our annual picture.  This helps me remember how many years it's been. I can truly say that I consider it an honor to be married to Ryan and I am incredibly thankful for the blessing of our marriage.  I hope and pray we will have many anniversaries to come! 

6 years!

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