Monday, April 23, 2012

What Will We Do?

Now that all of our visitors are gone?  We (I in particular)  have been spoiled having so many people come to see us over the past few weeks.  And the sad truth is no one wants to come from May through October because it's too hot!

  It worked out that Ryan's parents were able to fly back with me and visit for a few days.  I was so thankful to have them to help entertain my very active child on the airplane.  We really enjoyed our time together and all of us (JT especially) were so sad to see them go. .     

JT loves Pop 

Playing with Nana

Going down the BIG slide

Nana bought James several fun outdoor toys.  

Trying to learn that the water hose is for plants and grass...not people! 

2 dedicated people blowing up that pool! The things you do to make kids happy.

One thing I really worried about when I found out we were going to have a kid was that our children wouldn't have a close relationship with their grandparents because we live so far away.  I can honestly say that that fear is completely gone now.  James LOVES his four grandparents.  He calls everyone of them by name, asks about them every day, and talks about their pictures all over the house.  He even knows exactly which toys they gave him (and he tells us all the time).  I have no idea who invented Skype but it has allowed us to "see" our families every week and given our families the opportunity to participate in everything from mealtime to bath time from over 1000 miles away.  

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