Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fun Times with the Fincannons!

We were so excited that our favorite newlyweds (I can still call them that, right?) came to visit us.  Rod had never been to Shreveport so we tried our best to give him and Whitney a little taste of the LA experience. 

The Saturday that they came one of Ryan's co-workers had a crawfish boil and invited us all.  It was a fun time but so HOT.  How is it already almost 90 degrees???  Rod and Whitney were pros when it came to cracking open those crawdads.  

JT thought he was hot stuff in the bounce house 

Crawfish anyone? 

Bet they never did this up "north" 

Sweet boy, always eating 

Curls- I LOVE them! He may never get another haircut. 
 When we got home from the boil JT was really dirty and somehow found the water hose.  That ended up taking care of the bath issue. 

Poor Rod

We did all sorts of things over the weekend such as going to the art museum, losing a few dollars at the casino, and of course lots of eating.  Whitney and Rod were even sweet enough to babysit so Ryan and I could go out to dinner.  

The day they had to leave Ryan was working so we decided to check out the duck pond.  

Feeding the ducks 

Swinging with Uncle Rod 

James loves Uncle Rod and Aunt Whitney 

Playing on the pirate ship 

It took a while but James finally decided to feed the ducks himself 

I think JT enjoyed taking advantage of Uncle Rod's height! 

Check out that tongue! 

We were so excited that Ryan finished his surgeries in time to meet us for a quick lunch before clinic.  We went to Papa's.  I had never been there but it was pretty tasty! 

 Before their flight we found time to squeeze in a few more things.  Aunt Whitney decided to brave the task of dying eggs with James. 
Drawing the egg design 

Dying the eggs.  James requested a blue and purple egg. His two favorite colors at the moment. 

Oh dear. That egg won't be getting dyed anytime soon! 

Adding some stickers 

Whitney and I also whipped up a simple but yummy homemade cake and icing combo. James did the sprinkles. 

Finished products! Whitney even put a moon on hers for James.  What a sweet auntie! 

We had such a great time hanging out with Whitney and Rod and they were so nice to help out with James. They jumped right in with entertaining him, playing outside, taking out the trash, and even changing dirty diapers! And did I mention that Rod took my car to the shop to get the tire fixed while Whitney and I hung out at home?!?! I am totally spoiled with all this help and visitors we have had!  We just really wished we lived closer so we could do it more often.  We are extremely grateful and thankful for our friends and family who come to see us while we are living so far away.  It makes this time away a little bit easier on us.   Come back soon!  

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