Monday, April 23, 2012

20 Months

I told Ryan the other day that I felt like I woke up and my baby had been replaced with a toddler.  20 months sounds so OLD.  It's almost time to think about someone turning two.  Where has the time gone???  This second year is going by SO much faster than the first. 

James, I wish I could somehow document every detail or bottle up this time in your life because I don't want to forget a thing.  You are SO fun!  I cannot believe the new things you are learning each day; its more than I can keep up with.  You are talking so much more.  We tried to make a list of all the words you know and we had to stop because we couldn't keep count.  Your favorite things to play with include balls, trucks/cars, airplanes and of course the water hose.  You also continue to love to read.  The other day we read 10 books before breakfast!  You enjoy coloring and doing stickers and playing with your friends.  You can identify the colors red, blue, purple, green, orange, and yellow but your favorite colors are definitely blue and purple.  We didn't even know that you knew your colors- you just told us one day!  For some reason you also can identify the letters "s" and "t" and its funny the places you notice around town with those letters. I guess we will work on the rest of the alphabet this summer. You love all of your friends at Mothers' Day Out and that we play with and you ask about them by name every day.   You enjoy books about animals and you make us laugh with your animal sounds, especially the pig! When you see your daddy after he has been at work or we pick you up from the nursery you run towards us, waving both hands, and grinning.  It melts my heart every time!  The sweetest thing you have been doing over the past month is showing your love for Jesus.  You love to read your bible, you remind us to say the blessing before we eat, and when we ask you where Jesus is you put your hand on your chest and say "heart".  Our prayer is that you always remember that and continue to have a love of learning about Him.  Your dad and I love you and are incredible grateful that you are our son! 

Trying some gas station pound cake with Daddy.  We love this stuff! 

Taking Daddy's work bag to the door for him

Ball- toy of choice for many many months 

Play date friends, minus baby Avery

Playing hide and seek 

Your favorite restaurant :) 

Loving on your bear 

Cutest pirate ever 

Lego creation 

Typical sight 

Yes I confess I have "first child syndrome" and think everything he does and says is cute. :)  

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  1. He could not look more like you in that first picture!