Saturday, February 25, 2012

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

I was so excited that our friend Sara was able to come visit and that her visit coincided with Mardi Gras.  Everyone from out of state needs to get to experience a little Lousiana Mardi Gras!  Sara has known me since I was born and our friendship goes back many years.  She is such a sweet and generous person. I can't believe this is her fourth visit since we moved here! 

We spent our visit doing lots of talking, catching up, eating, going to Zumba class and bible study together and of course taking pictures. Sara is an amazing photographer and has taken many of our family pictures.  I was so excited to get some of James for his 18 month photo shoot as well as some of the three of us.

Hurray for Sara coming!

Oh Ryan...

Sunday lunch

This is what happens when Sara sits in the backseat! :)
 We were excited to get to take James to the parade on Sunday.  I wanted Sara to get a chance to see what they were like (because we definitely don't have them in NC), and it was also fun for us to have something different to do.   My old co-worker was so sweet to meet us and share her chairs.

We caught a bunch of things including: a hot dog, a sausage roll, a stuffed dolphin, a rubber ducky with a Mardi Gras mask, a yo yo (whoa whoa according to JT), whoopee pies, candy, a t-shirt, cups, and of course quite a few beads. 
Hurray for a hot dog!

Checking out all the goodies

Throw me something mister!

The night before Sara left we decided to go to Strawn's for dinner and of course a piece of pie.  Ryan was sweet to babysit so were were able to eat in peace! 

We were so excited to do a photo shoot with Sara before she left.  One of her specialties is doing lifestyle photo shoots.  She could explain it a lot better than I could but one of her goals is to capture some of the everyday memories that a family wants to remember and not forget.  It was such a special, unique experience.  We didn't have to all sit and smile at the camera.  We simply lived our life while she documented it.  She likes to ask her clients a few questions before doing the shoot. I thought I would include them on the post, but I will confess that I wrote them pretty quickly and not very eloquently. Sorry Sara! :)

What does your family love?  

Food, fun, laughter, time spent together,days when dad isn't on call, and of course Jesus. :)  James would reply to this question with: food, dancing, balls, the moon, and being
outside.  Those are his "loves" at the moment.

What do we do together? 

Our favorite things to do when we all three are together are: go to the park, eat lunch at Chick-fil-a and play on the playground, go to church on Sundays, then lunch and Target (we do
this every Sunday pretty much) travel, read books, snuggle on the bed together with James in his footie pjs. (obviously this list would be a little different if James wasn't included, haha)

What is it about your family right now that you don't want to forget?

Most of all I want to remember the simplicity of life.  Without the distraction of commitments, friends, and family, we are able to focus on little moments as a family and decisions that are paving the way
for the rest of our life together.  I want to remember the laughter that we have, the funny things we do as a family, and the peaceful moments that occur every so often when we realized that we are exactly where we need to be and that all feels right.

Below are just a couple of the pictures she was able to take. 

 Thank you Sara for coming to see us and for taking such special pictures.  We miss you already!!!


  1. Thank you for such a sweet and fun blog post. My visit was awesome as usual. Thanks for always taking me to get the best food, for having the best conversations, and for being such a fun and silly family. I love you all, and I can't wait for the next visit. :)

  2. Oh yeah...And Strawn's is definitely the president of pie!! :)