Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two Great Babysitters!

I begged my mom to come visit us so that we could take our mini-vacation to New Orleans while she watched James.  She not only agreed, but she brought Margy along as well- 2 great babysitters! Margy is my "aunt" by love, not blood.

They flew in and we were able to hang out for a day before we left to get them situated with James and the town.  That night we went to Monjunis for dinner. James went crazy dipping the bread in the sauce.  Finally he ended up just dipping his fingers and licking them!

I thought this video my mom was pretty funny. Someone needs to teach this kid about double dipping!

While we were gone my mom and Margy did all sorts of fun things with James such as:

Playing outside

Swinging at the park

Playing ball

Eating ice cream

Love this sweet face

And this one

Oh and this one too! :)

When we got back from NOLA I had to give James his souvenirs. We got him the book Goodnight NOLA and a hat from Cafe Du Monde.

We were so sad to see them go.  JT even cried the next morning looking for them!  Thanks mom and Margy for taking such good care of James and for being willing to help us out.

Helping Granny Deb with her suitcase. How funny are JT's cow pjs?

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