Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fun Times

It was great to get to spend a week in NC before Ryan flew in to meet us. James did not want to go to sleep on this trip which made it a little more stressful than other times, but we survived and had a wonderful visit.  

Without a doubt this has been the most challenging age to fly with so far.  How do you keep an active 1 year old (who has a very limited attention span) entertained and in our little tiny space for 3 flights?  I don't know but if you have any suggestions let me know. :)  Add to it that two out of three flights were delayed and JT and I got to spend a nice 12+ hours traveling alone that first day.  We also managed to spill an entire glass of water on the person beside us and we lost the top to a sippy cup on the plane.  I had tried to plan ahead- I had new toys, individually wrapped, extra snacks, etc. but on the final flight I had to pull out my secret weapon: Nerds.  Do you know how often my child eats real candy? Never.  But let me tell you, picking up those little Nerds one at a time lasted almost the entire trip from Charlotte to Greenville and when they were gone we played with the empty box.  I will never travel without them again!!! And as a bonus James was able to work on his fine motor skills, lol.

Hanging out at DFW

Here are just a few of the fun things we did that week. 

First basketball game

What could be greater than watching all those balls?

Checking out the fireplace

Football game (we didn't make it long at any of these sporting events)

First time going to the nursery at St. James

Played outside in the leaves

Little turkey

Jorja and Aida came to play

James did not like me holding Aida!

What is going on in that clothes basket?

Uncle David came for the night

I got to go with Shannon to get her wedding makeup preview. Doesn't she look beautiful?

The lovely bride-to-be

Dinner with the bible study girls in Wilson

 James also got to spend a really fun day with his Nana and Pop....and I just realized I don't have any pictures of it!  I will have to get copies when we are there for Christmas, but I know he had a blast. And I think he got to try out one of his presents a little early. :)

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