Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre-Wedding Festivities

Whitney and Rod got engaged just a few days before James was born.  I remember thinking it was neat to officially add two more boys into the family in the same week.  I also remember thinking that I couldn't believe our child would be 13 months when the wedding happened...and boy have those 13 months flown by!  Rod is such a great addition to our family and a wonderful match for Whitney.  Ryan and I (and James) were honored to get to be a part of all the excitement! 

On Friday Whitney's aunts and Granny treated all the bridesmaids to a luncheon at Finellis.  It was nice to get to visit with one another and honor Whitney as well. 

The beautiful bride-to-be

The hostesses
After the luncheon I went home to check on James and Ryan and get ready for the rehearsal/dinner that evening.  It sure was nice to have my parents watch JT so we didn't have to worry about him! Whitney and Rod chose to get married outside and the weather was gorgeous for the whole weekend. 

Getting ready to leave for the rehearsal

After the rehearsal Rod's family hosted a seafood boil at the Washington waterfront.  There was lots of good food and company!

Rod's mom made these cute cake pops to represent Stella (their dog) and of course the ECU Pirates!



  1. Y'all look so great in these pics! I love the cake pops!

  2. I love reading your blog! It was so good to see yall during the wedding weekend. Maybe next time we can get the boys together for a playdate!

  3. Beautiful photographs!! I liked them a lot. This pre-wedding party sounds enjoying. Loved this cute baby. Few months ago attended my cousin’s pre-wedding party at one of event venues. Best arrangements were done there and had a great time.