Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Go Pirates!

Ryan and I were so excited when it worked out for us to go to an ECU game on the first day we were back in NC.  It was a LONG day of traveling and the game ended up being a HUGE disappointment in terms of team performance.  However we had a great time tailgating and visiting with friends.  Hopefully the next game we go to the Pirates will do a little better. As my dad always says, "It's not always easy being a pirate!"

JT thought he was big stuff in his football jersey

So glad to see my friends AND to get to wear a sweatshirt.  Love that cool weather!

Granny Deb had to go buy a ball to play with

The Creech Clan

The Holland Household

We love them even though they are UNC fans. :)

Nana was so sweet to take James home for the night so we could stay at the game

David let me borrow this toboggan- it got cold!

The greatest dad and pirate club president ever! :)     

As a side note it was almost exactly a year ago that James was old enough to go on the airplane, and we made our first trip home.  He was 6 weeks old and yes, we took him to a football game!

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