Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Fun

Ryan and I really wanted to do something fun with James since we knew we weren’t going to have much time together as a family the next couple of weeks.   We decided to try out dinner at Tokyo.  James loved eating the broccoli and enjoyed watching the cook except for when the big fire happened.  That made him cry!  Our cook was probably the most talented we have ever had at a place like that.  He even wrote James’ name upside down and backwards for him! 
Watching the show

After dinner Ryan and James checked out the fish pond and thought it was pretty cool. 

Right when we arrived back at home we heard music playing which meant the ice cream man was making his rounds.  I figured since James was so well behaved at the restaurant we ought to reward him with a little treat.  The ice cream man pulled right up into our driveway and even gave us an extra free snow cone.  Pretty good customer service! 


Overall a great night full of family fun!

Is it just me or is he precious?!?!


  1. so fun! Bennett calls all ice cream "ice cream man" because of the truck!

  2. I wish the ice cream man made rounds down my street!! I'm totally jealous!!