Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Wedding Weekend

 Ryan had the privilege of being asked to be in his friend Byron’s wedding a couple of weeks ago.  Byron and Ryan have been friends for many years, and I have had the blessing of Byron’s friendship as well.  Unfortunately Ryan was only able to take off one day so it was a super quick trip for him.  We woke up really early on Friday to get to the airport to fly into Wilmington.

Too early to be up

Because of a delay in Atlanta we were running behind when we finally got to NC.  We stopped by my brother David’s new office and to get a quick bite to eat.  David recently started his own law firm.  I was so impressed with everything he has done and learned.  I’m so proud!  James also thought his office was pretty cool. 

James Holland- future lawyer???

The wedding was in Wallace, but we decided to stay in Wilmington to take advantage of the beach and to be able to see David.  My parents rented a condo so we left James with them and Ryan and I hurried to the rehearsal and dinner.  After dinner they had a dance which was fun but we were exhausted from the day of travel so we didn’t make it very long!

Next wedding to attend...Whitney and Rod's!!! :)

 Since the wedding was in the late afternoon on Saturday Ryan’s parents and sister came to Wilmington to hang out and go to lunch.  It was great to get to catch up and JT enjoyed spending time with Nana, Pop, and Aunt Whitney. 

Lunch at Bluewater
The wedding was beautiful, the bride and groom so happy, and they had an awesome band.  Congratulations Byron and Lauren!  We are so happy for you!!!  

Whoops- caught people with food in their mouth!

The happy couple

A fun wedding favor

Getting ready for the father-daughter dance in October!


  1. cute post! Looks like a fun trip. And I am loving all the NC references...I want to go there so bad!

  2. I love Ryan's tie at the rehearsal dinner. And you both look so hot in the pic from the wedding. And that is so cute of Ryan and Mom dancing. Love ya.