Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Special Visitors

 While at the beach we also got to spend some time with some special visitors.  Early in the week my friends Sara and Ashley came for the night.  We had a great time talking, going out to dinner, and relaxing on the beach.  Sara even took time to do a photo shoot for James’ 10 month portraits.  They turned out beautiful! 


On Wednesday Ryan’s mom came to visit along with her mom, sister, and two of Ryan’s cousins.  It was great to catch up on all the family news and JT loved all the attention.  His Nana loves him so much ,and he loves her! I wish I could hire Sidney or Savannah to come play with him this summer to keep him entertained.

Later that day my mom’s sister Sandra along with my cousin Kelli arrived from Charlotte.  They spent the next day with us at the beach and pool.  I don’t get to see my mom’s family now that we always miss the Christmas get-together, so it really was nice to have that time together. 

I realize that it is such a sacrifice of time, energy, and money to come visit us.  We really enjoyed getting to share our time at the beach with so many friends and family. 

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  1. Sara's pictures are sooo cute. I'm telling you, that baby looks like a Creech to me.