Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dress Shopping With Shannon

My plan for this trip was to stay in Wilmington instead of going home to Greenville because of the logistics of changing locations with a baby.  Ryan and I have learned that after traveling so far, long car rides are normally NOT a good idea and that it normally takes JT several nights in a new place to get settled enough to sleep decently.  We try to keep from bouncing around too much from place to place when we are gone.  However a couple of weeks before we came a special event occurred which meant we needed to make an exception to our rule….

Shannon and Andy are getting married!!!!  Whoohoo!!!!  Shannon was one of the very first friends that I met in college.  We lived a couple of doors down from each other in the dorm and ended up living together for the rest of college.   She was also a part of my bible study group that is so special to me.   We have prayed for many things for each other over the years and “future husbands”  has always been a big one.  It’s been amazing to see how God has answered those prayers through Andy.  Andy is from Greenville and actually went to my high school.  I love that Shannon is marrying a Greenville native! I promised Shannon a while ago that I would do everything I could to go dress shopping with her since I made her watch me try on a couple hundred dresses when I got married.  I switched my ticket so I could stay in Greenville for a weekend and got to go look for dresses with Shannon and her mom.  I can’t show many pictures of the bride-to-be without giving anything away but let me tell you this: Shannon is going to be a beautiful bride!  I’m so thrilled for her and Andy. Congratulations to you both!!!   
Getting ready to go shopping!
While we were gone JT stayed with my parents.  I'm not sure what all they did but based on the pictures it looked interesting... :)

A little lunch
Bubbles and a watermelon?

Somehow when Granny was gone and Granddaddy was in charge James lost his clothes!

Taking a spin in Granddaddy's car

When we got back JT sampled his first ice cream cone.  It was a huge hit! 
Not too happy when the cone fell

We love you Shannon!


  1. Aww.. Em, I love you!!! PS - It looks like I'm making him cry in the one where I'm holding his hand. Let me just clarify for the record that I believe he is grinning. Miss you already!

  2. Can't wait to see James all dressed up for Shannon's wedding! Yeah! It's going to be so fun!