Monday, March 7, 2011

The Third Month

Stats: 11 lbs 7 ounces, 24 inches long
Likes: Milk, skyping with grandparents, having hair brushed, taking a bath, going to the nursery while Mommy is at bible study, making spit bubbles, kicking, reading bedtime stories
Dislikes: Naps, sleep training

Story time

Special Memories:

We got to celebrate our first official holiday with JT: Halloween. After some debate about the costume choice, we decided he needed to be a monkey. The second choice was going to be a pumpkin so we were thrilled when Granny Deb found him a pumpkin outfit as well. We let him wear that to the pumpkin patch and his monkey suit on Halloween. JT enjoyed picking out his pumpkin but the experience was so exciting that he fell asleep at the patch.

Pumpkin Patch

He was not in a good mood on Halloween but we managed to stick him in his costume so he could hand out candy for a little while. He received lots of compliments on how cute he was but the funniest was a lady who thought he was our pet dog and not a baby!

Dress Rehearsal

First Halloween

Trick or Treat

Ryan had to take his resident test and needed to study so James and I decided to make the trek to NC by ourselves this time. We got to go to Wilmington to meet Great-Grandma and Aunt Pat. We also got to have dinner with David which was fun. James enjoyed his time on the beach and liked laying on the sand.

He also hit a big milestone and rolled over to his back, once for me and Granny Deb and once for the bible study girls. So proud!

After showing off his new accomplishment :)

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