Saturday, October 3, 2009


Parents- the older I get I not only appreciate my parents more and more but I also feel like I need them more and more. Anyone who thinks parenting ends when your child turns 18 better think again. They may have thought they got rid of me when we left NC but I think they are quickly realizing that is not the case. I am blessed not only to have incredible parents but I also have awesome in-laws. One of the things Ryan and I miss most about being in NC is not being able to just drop by and say hello to our families. However both sets of parents graciously decided to come to visit us during the first month we were here. This was especially helpful for me because it gave me things to look forward to. Anyone who knows our parents knows how wonderful they are but here are just a few pieces of evidence from their trips to prove it. These lists could have gone on and on but I included just a few. I will begin with Rick and Sandra.
1. They drove 18 hours here in Ryan’s car so we didn’t have to pay to ship it
2. They literally cut down a tree that was blocking our window while Ryan and I slept. This was accomplished before 8:00 the first morning they were here!
3. They devoted the majority of their visit to working in our yard in 100 plus degree weather. For all those who know me- I don’t know much about gardening and yes Mrs. Holland is the one who taught me how to shovel. :)
4. They were willing to eat pizza while the dishwasher man installed our appliance and he was at our house forever.
We had a great visit with Rick and Sandra. They helped us in so many ways and it was fun to get to show them around Shreveport. It was especially neat to try our first Louisiana Cajun food at Copeland’s restaurant while they were here. A few weeks after they left we got to have some more visitors, this time Jim and Debbie. I have some evidence of how wonderful they are from their visit as well.

1. Jim endured going to multiple stores including TJ Maxx with me and my mom. This is no small feat.
2. They bought one of every cupcake flavor that was for sell that day so we could sample each… and they helped me eat them for breakfast! (for those of you who do not know, we have a special cupcake store. More about that to follow)
3. They endured a lengthy walk on the boardwalk in 100 plus degree weather.
4. They put up with me and Ryan’s “TV” debate. This debate went on for the entire time they were with us. That is a story in of itself and yes, Ryan won the debate. We got the bigger TV.
We had a wonderful visit with Jim and Debbie. It was a chance for us to see parts of Shreveport that we hadn’t explored and eat at some neat restaurants like in an old Victorian house and at a restaurant on the lake. While we got to do lots of fun things with both sets of parents, the greatest gift of all was being able to spend time together. They have all been so supportive of our move and we are very thankful for them. We miss you guys so much! Please come back and see us again!

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