Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Adventure Begins!

Finally…our blog has begun. Around the time that we found out we were making the big move from NC to LA, we decided that it might be fun to blog about our “adventures” in the deep south. We thought it would be neat to look back in five years and see all that had happened in our lives during our stint in the pelican state. Of course, it has taken us awhile to get it started. But, here we go! I want to first apologize. Ryan was supposed to write the first blog; he is the talented writer in the family. However, due to scheduling conflicts I have taken the plunge and will be beginning our blog journey. I would first of all like to explain the origin of our blog’s name: The Crawdad Chronicles. For those of you who have not had the privilege of living in Louisiana, people here are all about some crawdad. Just about every restaurant carries some form of the little crawlers, even McAllister’s! So far I have had fried crawdads, gumbeaux with crawdad mixed in, crawdad étouffé and…crawdad cheesecake. These are just a few of the many crawdad food possibilities that are offered. Crawdads (known to the rest of the world as Crayfish or crawfish) are often found in the bayous of Louisiana along with a variety of other species such as alligators and shrimp. So we decided to use this special creature as the inspiration for our blog. The next five years will no doubt be an interesting journey and we hope that you will follow all of our adventures on: The Crawdad Chronicles.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah!!!...the first post! I was just about to edit some pictures and decided to scroll down my favorite bloggers list and then to my surprise: the crawdad cronicles had finally posted...about an hour ago! I am excited to be a follower of this blogamonia. i love you guys!!